BanTOR VIEWS: Jayemkayem Sticks To The Things She Loves

Like wires to a DJ console, Jayemkayem is a true connector.

The multifarious professional is building an incredible career in Toronto with an array of experiences that have shaped the person she is today. A Calgary native, with a childhood in Hong Kong and roots in the UK, Jayemkayem brings travel, people, wellness and music into the fold. After taking a leap of faith, following her heart and listening to her soul, she departed the corporate world to turn the tables. Literally. Linked to the music scene since her youth, Jayemkayem spun a new chapter in her life with sound. And it’s possibly the best decision she has ever made.

Her penchant for UK music, hip-hop, underground and obscure sounds make her a notably unique figure locally and abroad. Whether traveling to New York, venturing through Asia, criss-crossing Canada, or remotely hosting her Radar Radio show in London, Jayemkayem has enriched audiences near and far with stellar selections. But don’t expect her to play your requests. Why? This strong woman has been through it all, so trust that she knows what’s good for you. In this episode of BanTOR VIEWS, we met up with Jayemkayem at Dufferin Grove Park to discuss transitions, awareness, self-care and pursuing your passions.

*Please note that this interview was recorded outside - you might hear various background noises, including people enjoying the summer time*


Featured Tracks:

  • "Fuck Your Mind (Interlude)" - Drew Howard & Birthday Boy
  • "What You Want" - Ebhoni (produced by sos)

Catch Jayemkayem at the following gigs:

  • WayHome Music and Arts Festival 2017 @ Perrier Greenhouse - Saturday, July 29 (9:30 to 11:00 pm) and Sunday, July 30 (5:00 to 7:00 pm). Event info here.
  • Apt200 x Caribana Weekend - Saturday, August 5 - with OG Ron C + DJ Candlestick. Event info here.

  • 40oz Bounce Toronto - Monday, August 7 at CUBE with KillaKels, YungShrimpTempura, Freeza Chin and Special Guests. Event info here.

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