Quest For Milk and Honey is Clairmont The Second's sonic journey

It seems that Clairmont the Second was a “kid” when BanTOR Radio first met the Weston, Toronto artist. It was for our first interview feature, and as the mic’s record button switched red, age quickly became a number. Clairmont was already “grown.” He always has been. Quest For Milk and Honey is his third release, and a testament to this concept, as the artist’s confidence, good nature, unparalleled talent and determination radiates on each track.

Quest For Milk and Honey lives up to its name. It’s a journey told through a consistent narrative, following various emotions and elements tied to one theme: life. Milk and honey, often symbols in the gospel used to represent food of “the promised land” resonate in Clairmont’s testament of his own life, and the fierce determination to overcome, conquer and grow.

With the sound of a needle adjusting on a record, “Moses (Lemonhope)” fades in to introduce the album. “Been me since the day I started / Don’t compare me to another artist,” sings Clairmont, defining his unique artistry and purpose. The track is fluid commentary on Clairmont’s M.O., another driving theme on the record.

“Coolest Loser” is Clairmont’s outsider anthem, delving into his attractive, unique qualities, before the honest “Girls, Women, Ladies” dissects the opposite sex with maturity. The album climaxes with the artist’s proclamation of confidence and self-awareness. Tracks like “Owning The City” and “A Declaration” (with its wicked visuals to boot) are brash and bold, yet the lyrics almost evoke the process of exhaling, as Clairmont reels his thoughts.

The album is also a huge nod to the city. Clairmont shows brotherly love on “Worth” with sibling and OBGMs drummer, Colanthony Humphrey, a great track layered with back-and-forth verses atop bouncy keys. The Humphrey brothers echo, “What’s my life worth? Cause lately I don’t like work/ and lately I don’t like church / and lately I don’t like people / lately I want to fight people.” Contrast piece, the soulful “Temporary” featuring liquid (honey) vocals by Toronto native Blues, is powerful in its ability to wind and groove with soft chords and possessive melody.

The album was produced, mixed and mastered entirely by Clairmont.  Catchy, not cliché, his DIY stance and fierce independence have always stood out to us, both in mission and method. As Quest For Milk and Honey started with a biblical theme, so does it come to a close. “Hallelujah” is undoubtedly the most uplifting track on the record, but not solely for its sound. Clairmont declares gratitude for many things, but the primary is his purpose. It’s been a time watching this artist on his journey, and although it seems that not much has passed since our first encounter, it is certain that everyone grows, including the most mature kid in your graduating class: his name is Clairmont the Second.  

Words by Ola Mazzuca

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Clairmont the Second will be performing at his first headline show on Thursday, July 28th at The Drake Underground, alongside Blues and Cola. Learn more & purchase your tickets here.