BanTOR Views: Iverna Island is a sonic retreat and radical movement for womxn of colour in the arts

Imagine a paradise where live music and activism meet. Add womxn, a safe, inclusive venue, peace, love and respect. Welcome to Iverna Island.

Founded by TiKA, a multidisciplinary creative and connector, Iverna Island is a traveling festival for womxn of colour in the arts. Combining a live showcase and performance workshop where the lineup can hone their gifts under mentorship, facilitated discussion, and connecting with their peers, magic comes together on stage.

A highly necessary event for the industry, Iverna Island made its debut at Toronto’s 2018 edition of North By North East festival on June 10th, establishing a benchmark for other organizations to step up their game and consider critical needs of the community. With plans to expand in Montreal, and throughout the United States, this is only the beginning of a radical movement.

In this episode of BanTOR Views, Ola spoke with Iverna Island’s inaugural lineup at The Baby G in Toronto about their experiences at this sonic retreat, the importance of developing safe spaces, resources in demand and what makes them radical womxn.

Listen to the two part series below, and check out our visual recap of the festival.

Featured tracks:
"Thick and Melanated" - Faiza
"Alluvit" - Khadijah Lopez
"Here To Stay" - Liza
"Move On" - Aphrose
"Moonshaker" - Clairandean

*Please note: due to lack of access to a production facility in the venue, background noise may be audible at times - these are the raw sounds that depict the setting and set the tone of what it takes to put together a grassroots show at a music festival.

Thanks to Clairandean, Liza, WILL, Vaness, Myst Milano, Faiza, Khadijah Lopez, Aphrose, IaamSaam, Dey, Tanisha and TiKA for your time, energy, and grace to share your stories on and off stage!

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An interview with Iverna Island's founder, TiKA

LISTEN: TiKA and Ola discuss the project's development, overcoming adversity, taking and making space, what she is learning in the process, and her intentions for the future.

If music is a way to connect to one another, then why not to connect to one another in this way? To have each other, hear each other’s politics, and know that we’re not as far removed as we thought. – TiKA

Featured Track:
"All Day All Night" - TiKA

I feel like it’s my responsibility to take the torch and take the reigns to create something different so that these womxn feel affirmed about what they’re doing - TiKA

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Words, photo and audio produced by Ola Mazzuca