McCallaman set to release It Takes Two

Longtime friend of the show, and all-around gifted artist, McCallaman, has announced the release of his debut full length album, It Takes Two. Set to drop on September 1, the album's driving concept follows the age-old saying, "it takes two to tango." It examines the wins and woes that two people in a relationship often experience, as well as the dynamics and interrelations that exist among one another in a community. Self-discovery, Black love, and the struggle for balance and harmony are some of the themes the album sifts through on this sonic journey.

The Toronto artist applies an enigmatic, thoughtful approach to his music, with a distinct style. As a young and progressive artist, it's audible in his purpose-driven arrangements and thoughtful collaborations. Whether through his production on Goldlink's epic, "When I Die," to teaming up with locals like TiKA, Clairmont The Second, Shi Wisdom and Sydanie, and a plethora of others, McCallaman never falls short on delivering unparalleled flair. He has also shared the stage with some of the greats, including Khalid and Leela James. As he blends elements of Neo Soul, R&B, Electronic, Rap, Gospel and Hip-Hop music into the fold, McCallaman's sonic world is ethereal and transformative, yet applicable and immersive for all listeners.  

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