BanTOR VIEWS: Sydanie guides with a familiar light

Magic, electric, abbreviated; me. Perhaps the best words to describe West Toronto artist, Sydanie.


They’re also lyrics from "Static," one many introspective, brazen and poetic tracks from her catalogue. But Sydanie isn’t just a rapper. She’s a supernatural bada$$ rapper mom. Sydanie has drawn from a vocation of giving back to communities as a facilitator and social innovator through the arts. Whether providing accessible programs for young mothers through her initiative, The MOCHA Project, fighting for safe spaces, or working to reclaim rights of the Caribbean diaspora, it all comes together on stage.


As Sydanie weaves through verses of joy, pain, growth, learning and unlearning, she is leading the way with a familiar light, a spiritual energy you can’t comprehend. She is making moves on and off the road.

We caught up at Ali’s Roti in Parkdale for some doubles and aloo pie to chat motherhood, catharsis, cultural preservation, community initiatives and her latest EP, Stillwater, for this episode of BanTOR VIEWS.


Featured Tracks*:
"Taste Next Summer" - Sydanie
"Static" - Sydanie
*from Sydanie's Stillwater EP

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Produced by Ola Mazzuca