BanTOR Views: Sharine Taylor fosters diasporic preservation and progress through actions and words

Out of the bashment and onto the stage, BASHY Magazine rises to tell stories by and for people of the Jamaican diaspora. Toronto’s own Sharine Taylor is at the helm to ensure that the outspoken and unruly spirit of Jamaica’s ancestors – only part of the publication’s dedicated MO – is embodied with passion and purpose, while inspiring new generations to examine and honour their culture with fresh, evolving perspectives.

It’s no question to say that Sharine is doing her job, and then some. The 25-year-old writer and digital content producer actively applies her unique vision to carve out spaces for creatives of the Caribbean and the diaspora, in turn inspiring fair representation in media for all. A U of T media studies grad and Remix Project alumnus, Sharine’s words can be read in VICE, Buzzfeed, Pitchfork, Bitch and beyond. Unapologetic in her approach, Sharine holds, and is, a banner of truth when it comes to her work. Not solely online and in real life, but on the road.

One of Sharine’s latest endeavours includes Carnival Cousins – a user-friendly and inclusive outlet she co-founded with her own cousin, Wraequel, that provides insights on playing mas around the world. Yet, Sharine goes beyond the costume and band route – she dives into the visual optics, history, respect and the socio-political elements that shape the practice of playing mas.

Like the beads, feathers and diamonds that compose a mas costume, Sharine’s opus is beautifully vibrant and intricately applied. Out of many, one people, she is changing the game one piece at a time. For BanTOR Views, Sharine and I discuss her Jamaican heritage, Caribana politics, travel, safe spaces, unpacking mental health and personal growth, developing BASHY and fostering community.

Photos taken on-site at The Real Jerk restaurant at 842 Gerrard Street East, Toronto. Special thanks to Lily Pottinger at The Real Jerk for your kindness and hospitality, always!


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Words, audio, photos produced by Ola Mazzuca