Ellen Bryant & Desiire Build On Foundations

Anniversaries can be positive, negative, nostalgic or triumphant. Whether in solitude, or within a group, it's not often you get invited to take part to celebrate an anniversary of a career or life transition. Ellen Bryant is stirring things up a little by bringing everyone she has crossed paths with in the last year together to absorb her sonic reflections.

People say, ‘Why Toronto? Why did you come here to do music? Why didn’t you go to LA or New York?’ I was thinking of that the other day, and I literally have no idea...It’s fully within me. I don’t even remember making the choice...I feel more free here, within myself. The main thing I love about this city is that you can do and be whoever you want to be without judgment. For real.
— www.bantorradio.com/bantor-blog/3/16/2017/ellen-bryant-watch-her-glow

The Australian-born, seasoned nomad, and multidisciplinary singer/songwriter has spent a solid 12 months in Toronto, growing and evolving in her work with every note. On Thursday, September 14, she'll be sharing good vibes with her audience at The Drake Hotel for Foundations. Joining her will be Toronto's own neo-soul style king, Desiire, while lyricist and producer, Abscvnd, will provide the soundtrack. Ellen will be closing the show, indulging everyone with her bright energy, creative discourse, and sounds from her new project.

There is something so exciting and something so freeing about swimming between the different chord changes. I think I’m finally starting to get more comfortable with my voice, and my songs.
— www.bantorradio.com/bantor-blog/12/1/2016/interview-desire-is-on-a-sonic-style-journey

Both Ellen and Desiire are cherished friends of the show, and vital parts of the rising local music community that we have been honoured to interview - they're truly unique souls with diverse life experiences and artistic insight. Looking for something spiritual to do next week? Check out Foundations.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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