Daxz is the Trap Rockstar Toronto Needs

 Photo by Jake Kivanc

Photo by Jake Kivanc

Once in awhile an artist comes along that matches their technical skills with an artistic aesthetic that's unparalleled. Toronto's Daxz is that artist with his sound resembling what would happen if you used a polymerization card on Akira and an Atlanta Trap house. Recognition for the Lil Dark Lord is on the way up as he's been releasing a flurry of bangers and recently opened for Ramriddlz at the Phoenix Concert Hall. But he's stayed relatively in the shadows despite collaborating on tracks that have been Grammy nominated.

His work is known across the Hip-hop world and he's received production credits on tracks by Drake (Back2Back, 6 Man, Still Here), Travis Scott, The Weeknd, WondaGurl, KILLY and many others. What's most interesting is that he did not set out to be a producer and rather picked the skill up while experimenting with sounds and never looked back. More recently though he's been producing for himself and dropping slappers including Choker Chain, Anything, Problems and Help. Those tracks get regular plays on my headphones in addition to his previous instrumental project BAIB (Being Alone Isn't Bad). His sound moves away from the slow, nocturnal cold associated with Toronto and is colourful, booming music with quick melodies.

His influences are unconventional and set him apart from current rap contemporaries. He has a crescent moon tattoo between his eyebrows and slash on his left cheek resembling Sesshōmaru from InuYasha. He's also inspired by Kingdom Hearts and spoke about the title with Noisey saying "In Kingdom Hearts they save worlds from darkness using the keyblade. That's the thing about video games, they teach you a lot about life, like learning to complete things. When you get past all the levels and there's nothing left to do, you have to go onto the next game." That next game looks like a solo career which Daxz shouldn't have much trouble with.

Words by Nuruddin Qorane