Harrison and a l l i e take a trip in 'Vertigo' music video

A trip to Portland, Jamaica is the best place to film a MuchFACT-funded video. That's where Toronto artists Harrison and a l l i e ventured to to produce the visuals for their track, 'Vertigo.' It's one of the top songs from Harrison's debut release, Checkpoint Titanium, which dropped last Friday (September 9) on Last Gang Records.

The piece was directed by Sammy Rawal (co-founder of Toronto jam, Yes Yes Y'all) and depicts the two rafting through the waters before consuming strange fruit. As they drink static nectar, characters turn monochrome, but the song and dance remains oh-so-colourful (peep a l l i e's jacket from the city's own, NorBlack NorWhite). It's a very early '00s dance tune, and a vibrant cut from the record not to be missed.


Be sure to catch Harrison with Clairmont the Second and a l l i e at the album release show - Friday, September 30th at the Velvet Underground. Purchase tickets here. Event info here.