6ix Tunes: Weekly Roundup

K. Forest - Link

Riding high after being featured on Travis Scott's BITTSM, Flower City's K.Forest premiered the first track off his upcoming EP Eyes Of Tiaga on HotNewHipHop this week. If this first release is any indication of what he has in store for the full project its going to be crazy. Forest really carved out his own Afro Soca sound with Guidance but on this latest release he shows he can more than aptly croon over a traditional R&B beat. The production is handled by frequent K. Forest collaborator dF who also released 'Club Medellin' with K. Forest and Shabazz last week. Forest told HNHH "The song was inspired by the late nights in Brampton a long side my female friend who’s aprt of our clique"

Harrison - So Far From Home ft. Yung Guv

I'm at a toss up between the catwalk-worthy "Lotus" and "So Far From Home (featuring Young Guv)," but let's go with the latter. I love this track because it's a blend of rebellion, sweetness and undercover fun. Young Guv (Fucked UpNo Warning) takes us on a ride in his grandmother's whip, to an unknown place, sans technology. The lyrics are somewhat of an anthem when I want to completely detach and just have a good time. Can't forget the keys, too (literally and figuratively).

Be sure to watch/listen to Harrison and Young Guv's performance of the track on their CBC Music First Play Live session.

Zeina - Washing Machine

Montreal's Zeina once again linked up with a couple of Toronto's best producers for her latest single. The R&B songstress is no stranger to beatmakers from the 416, previously working with rare, FrancisGotHeat, Bijan Amir and Eestbound who are both featured here. Really love Zeina's vocals over this dark production. On the track she told Complex " I wrote this song with a particularly heavy hearted. I had a lot to say and I say it best through metaphors and comparisons. I address deeper topics by using a relationship. I did that for the everyday listener but the ones who really take in my lyrics, will see the layers." Don't know if Eestbound and Bijan have worked together before but they should continue if they can create songs like this together. Eestbound is one of the only producers I know that successfully integrates electric guitar into his beats.

Dalia Dargazli - Shades of Green

Shades of Green is the latest release from Dalia Dargazli who released her Sugarlows EP last year. The song lives up to its title with elements both earthy and progressive, graceful yet bold, laden with soulful vocals and intricate composition. Like a Pantone swatch, it shows Dalia's many layers and unique style of indie alt-pop. Speaking with BanTOR about the track Dalia said "A lot of visuals become more clear when you're listening to a song, and you can hear the emotions. It triggers you. 'Shades of Green' was a song to change it up a bit, make it more happy. The song is about chilling out, it's supposed to be playful."