Ellen Bryant and Desiire Performed for us in their Living Room

It was all love at The Drake Underground on Thursday night. Foundations brought together R&B/soul singers,  DESIIRE and Ellen Bryant for a show that touched on unity, friendship and everything in between. We've featured both Ellen and DESIIRE in the past and are so thrilled to see them both grow and thrive as artists.

DESIIRE started the night off with by getting the audience into the mood with his seductive singles, 'Mind Body Soul' and 'Natural Feels.' He also treated the crowd to a cover of Kendrick Lamar's 'Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe.' During his set, DESIIRE had the house lights dimmed and let his vocal talent shine through.

Following DESIIRE, spoken word artist abscvnd hit the stage for some poetry. His words had most in their feels as he spoke about lost relationships and unrequited love. His set was a nice switch up in the tone of the night.

Showing the soles of her feet, Ellen Bryant brought the soul to the Drake Underground. She felt completely at ease telling the audience, "I'm in my bare feet! It's like you're all in my living room." Ellen's stage presence was immaculate as she joked with audience members and told stories in between songs. The whole night was a vibe, as this small corner of the Toronto music industry laid down the foundations for something beautiful.



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Words: Nuruddin Qorane
Photos: Ola Mazzuca