"All Day All Night" is a moving, 24-hr audio-visual call to action

Friend of the show, TiK▲, has released a stunning short film for her top single, "All Day All Night," directed and conceptualized by prodigious Ghanaian filmmaker, Ayisha Lineo Gariba.

The track is from her 2016 sophomore EP, Carry On; a cathartic sonic foray founded on pushing on, plugging away, fighting adversity, and learning throughout the process (check out our review here). "All Day All Night" features stunning production from Toronto's brother duo, HMLT, with TiKA singjng from the perspective of a Black girl struggling to balance her life after the death of her father slain by the hands of the police. The record touches on the idea that "no matter what is happening within our world, Black Women do not get the permission to heal before enduring triggering racialized experiences that fuel ongoing trauma." Gariba's intimate, detailed visuals deliver a timely, in-depth look at the numerous emotions, grief, action and reflection involved in the narrative.

“My idea for the video was to have it follow different people through their day after they find out that there’s been another instance of police brutality that targeted a Black person. The specific incident is never really explored and the viewer doesn’t get a lot of details. I chose not to show death or violence through a reenactment because witnessing Black death is traumatic and this is a video for Black people and its purpose is healing, not trauma," says Gariba. "The focus is how different people are coping with the news and how they try to find freedom and peace while knowing that things like this will keep happening. It’s about finding peace. It’s not about ignoring what’s happening, or refusing to fight for justice, but rather recognizing the injustice and trying to move forward in whatever way you can. I wanted it to feel like the look that Black people give each other after something happens. When you look at each other and you’re in pain, but you’re feeling that together.”

Watch the video here:

TiKA expands, "When it comes to injustices, it's always easier for me to write when I place myself in someone else's shoes. I oftentimes obsess with someone's life to the point where I'm taking on forms of vicarious trauma. This particular case was with Erica Garner (Eric Garners' daughter). I watched every interview and just couldn't fathom waking up one morning, finding out the devastating news about my father and literally picking up the next day and putting on my activist hat. But that's exactly what she did.  And she really had no choice around it either. She found purpose through pain and I was deeply moved by her navigating through her motherhood, her traumas, her education and still finding the time to educate others on the importance of Black Lives and why we matter. All Day All Night was written from the perspective of a Black Woman who's father had been slain by the hands of the police and I referenced Erica when writing. The cinematographer Ayisha Lineo Gariba came to my show in Toronto when I had opened for Nao and heard All Day All Night and hit me up literally the next morning inspired by the song. She was adamant about doing the cinematography and I was adamant about working with a Black Female Cinematographer on this particular record. So, I had her over for lunch and fell in love with her wit, her passion and overall wokeness. I only found out she was 18 afterwards and was shocked. But then I was like, nah. That's God. The video came together easily without much of my doing and when I saw the final cut, it was a masterpiece and I realized the power of creativity, community and Black Girl Magic. I am honoured by both of these women. They effortlessly helped me to execute the vision that has been sonically inspiring others. I have so much gratitude as the
visual conveys exactly how I feel andhow I want others to receive my song."


It's always a joy to experience TiKA's art, and Gariba's documentary-style piece has captured the essence of the track in an authentically poignant way.

Catch TiKA live on Saturday, September 16th at Divan Orange, Montreal for POP Montreal.


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