BanTOR back to basics - new podcasts!

As you may have caught in our previous podcast episode, we have started a great partnership with Sandbox Studios. This will be our new "playground," if you will, for recording the dialogue in our podcast episodes. Sandbox is an excellent resource for artists and producers in the city, providing an inclusive, friendly and professional space to create. We are so pleased about this new venture, and look forward to feeding off of each other's energy.

When we started BanTOR Radio nearly two years ago, our podcasts followed three segments (The New Shit, Lyrics & Life, and Spin This). It was our way to combine a healthy dose of dialogue and music by following a guided structure. Over time, we have delved into so many methods of how to create engaging audio (and sometime visual) content for our audience. Now, we have a few mixes that define our personal styles and tastes, with more diversity to come. Our Soundcloud now has the 6ix Tunes Playlist, BanTOR Blended, the Trap Mix for all your party needs, and the Mosaic Mix, an exploration of world music. We'll continue to bring you our flair of sonic diversity and storytelling as we develop more podcast episodes.

For now, we're working towards taking it back to basics, a bit. We're getting back to discussing timely topics, and featuring new releases.

In this 20-minute chat, we run through: