BanTOR Blended 5

Fall is here.

So we're doing what we do best and lining up some of our favourite internet flips with Toronto's best music. Shining a spotlight on new music from Toronto artists McCallaman, DESIIRE and LOU VAL. All 3 of these guys have been leaving their musical mark on the city lately. McCallaman recently released his album 'It Takes Two' and we highly recommend you check it out. The project is an eclectic journey full of beautiful harmonies and melodies only McCallaman can produce. DESIIRE has been doing his thing as well, taking part in shows around the city and releasing the infectious tune 'No Feelings'. T You can catch him and Ellen Bryant at the Drake Hotel on September 14. Enigmatic LOU VAL has been releasing a steady stream of quality music over the past couple of months. 'Interchanges', 'Rush Hour' and 'Lil Mama' have shown the artist's ability  to both rap and croon over GOVI's crazy production. Make sure you listen to his music as soon as you can because LOU has a habit of removing songs off his SoundCloud. 

Bump the mix, bump these amazing artists and spread love. It's the Toronto way.


Frank Ocean - Solo (Louis Futon Flip)
Sángo — Meio Da Noite
eugene cam — ecstasy
SZA - Love Galore ft. Travis Scott
Kendrick Lamar - PRIDE. (Louis Futon Flip)
esta. — st.dwn
childish gambino - the worst guys (jåmvvis remix)
DESIIRE — No Feelings ft Jordan Jones /TORONTO\
eugene cam — be your girl.
Drake x Aaliyah - Signs Remix (FridvyFlx x omotiz)
krs. remixes — krs. + s&s
Krs. // No Love
McCallaman — You Got A Friend /TORONTO\