Nerdwriter Deconstructs 'Feel No Ways'


I've been a fan of The Nerdwriter's video essay's for the past year. His indepth takes on music, politics, film and art always give me an added appreciation for a work and the artist behind it. More recently he's decided to deconstruct 'Feel No Ways' off of Drake's latest album 'Views'.

I always liked 'Feel No Ways' and felt like it was always an underappreciated cut off the album. The tune is uplifting, relate-able and undoubtedly Toronto with its colloquial bars. Nerdwriter breaks down Drake's early influences and how he and Noah '40' Shebib have crafted his sound culminating in Feel No Ways. The piece is great for anyone interested in the development of music and the history behind it. Peep the video below and subscribe to The Nerdwriter for more.