First Impressions: Kaytranada - 99.9%

This Friday at the Danforth Music Hall Montreal producer and artist Kaytranada will take to the stage to perform cuts off his new album 99.9%.  The 15 track album features fellow Canadian acts BADBADNOTGOOD, Shay Lia and River Tiber as well as some notable names from south of the border like Vic Mensa and Anerson .Paak.  I'm going to listen through the project and record my first impressions of the 15 tracks below.

Pressing play.


Track Uno   

Funky instrumental       

Synths are on point  

Not too much going on in this song but I could ride to this

Kaytranada has carved out his own sonic, synth-y sound. Don't really understand  why ppl continue to compare him to FlyLo


Bus Ride                                

 Ironically I'm listening to this on a bus          

 Smooth instrumental with some quick drums              

I like the way he builds a track and doesn't need a crazy finish to have it resonate with listeners


Got it Good ft. Craig David

Female vocals open up the track until Craig David takes over

Kaytranada always works with very talented vocalists

Those female vocals from earlier in the track come back to compliment the chorus

Kay is using this woman's voice as an instrument very effectively

Surprised this mystery woman isn't credited on the song as she sings on the track almost as much as David


Together ft. AlunaGeorge & Goldlink

AlunaGeorge starts out singing over this club tune

Goldlink right behind her with his signature flow

Funky and dance inducing, could see this played at any bar/ club downtown


Drive Me Crazy ft. Vic Mensa

Very Big TUNE

Remember this one from last summer

Hear another synth behind the vocals that I didn't notice before

Vic Mensa doesn't need to take breaths between bars

This track might get a surprise resurgence this summer

Spooky keys and bass close out the song



That bass at the end of drive me crazy leads perfectly into Weight Off

Then BADBAD adds some drums

Kay's jumped in with the synth

Builds up beautifully then the bass comes back in


One Too Many ft. Phonte

Phonte brings the soul to break this one open

Funky and soulful beat

"I had one too many, I had one too many' 

Somebody's rapping now, don't think it's Phonte..

Bars about settling down and raising the bar

Despite the Weather

Keychain go jangalang, chimes are playing throughout this one

getting a summertime vibe from this one

Short little instrumental with a clip at the end of some DJs forgetting and then remembering who Kaytranada is lol


Glowed Up

This is the Aderson .Paak track even though he isn't credited in the features

Daddy like warbucks

The video for this track is pretty ill

 .Paak's raspy delivery is front and centre on this one

He's not the best lyricist but there's no denying he can handle a flow

Kaytranada breaks the beat down at the end and adds a soft verse from  .Paak 


Breakdance Lesson N.1

Some old school guitar starts this one off

This really is moving and shaking music

Tempo slows down at about 1:30 in

And then picks back up quickly

Kay tracks are like a sonic roller-coaster, tempo goes up and down throughout


You're The One ft. Syd

 Syd from The Internet jumps on this one

Syd does it for the thrill

Verse about being in love with someone thats no good but regardless, their the one

Upbeat tune even though Syd is crooning on it


Vivid Dreams ft. River Tiber

Didn't even notice this one started, pretty seamless transition from the last track

Toronto native River Tiber on this one

Starts out slow then the tempo picks up at 1:00

Liking the keyboard on this

There needs to be more TOR/MTL collabs like this

I want it and I can't deny it


Lite Spots

Hollow echos begin before and international sample, possibly Portuguese (?)

Got some bounce to it

Gonna do some research later and find out what this sample is

Via Genius: "This song features heavy samples of Gal Costa's 'Ponto deLuz' from her 1973 LP India. This song is originally by Jards Macale and Waly Salmao, both prolific Brazilian composers. 


Leave Me Alone ft. Shay Lia

Kaytranada uses additional vocals as well as Shay Lia's voice in this one

Sweet female vocals over a Kaytranada beat don't go wrong very often

He ends off with another clip of Radio DJ's speaking about Kaytranada


Bullets ft. Little Dragon

I like it