REVIEW: 'It Was Never Summer' by Kyle Wildfern

This summer never reached highs of 30 degrees so Flower City's Kyle Wildfern has found a way to heat to the streets. Drawing from a catalogue of songs recorded during the end of 2016 and the start of this year, 4 sonically different tunes make up the EP

The first 'Keep It Low' pairs Wildfern with frequent collaborator and fellow WayCool member Martin Sole. Hard Synths vibe over trap drums as tapo flows melodically about keeping certain things under wraps. Next is 'Tell Me' also produced by Martin Sole and includes a prelude that shouts out Kristen Walker's All My Lovin' which Kyle co-wrote. Him want All of my lovin, want all of my loving now/ Now I really love him now I really love him now. He bodies this island inspired tune. You can hear him talk about the crazy night that was the recording of All My Lovin' in our interview with the artist.

Next is New Rum produced by Chris Rose and Money Montage. Stellar production from the pair, this is a classic tipsey track for when you're sippin on some Wray & Nephew with Red Bull. Kyle rounds the tape off with the ballad Love produced by DviousMindz. He croons over soft keys in a complete pivot from earlier in the project. The finale emphasizes his range and ability to tackle multiple genres of sound. Looking forward to hearing what else tapo has locked up in that WayCool vault.  

Words by Nuruddin Qorane