McCallaman releases gorgeous video for "Tenfold"

McCallaman is a progenitor in the current state of Toronto's vibrant music scene. Today, the producer dropped the video for his track "Tenfold" featuring Tika Simone. Directed by Patrick Tomasso, the video is set in a beautiful forest setting, shot monochrome before closing with Simone moving to an array of colourful smoke, on the waterfront. The visuals possess a tranquil aesthetic, and the piece as a whole evokes natural beauty, unity and strength.

McCallaman's unique blend of electronica and hip hop, interwoven with soulful keys, among an extensive list of elements, create his signature 'Black Pop' sound - the title of his latest EP.

"Tenfold" features Toronto native Tika Simone, a multidisciplinary artist and talented vocalist and was co-written by Casey MQ of BanTOR alumnus Unbuttoned. Tika's smooth vocals compliment a moderate tempo of synths and beats, with a few nature samples in between.

Listen to the track and watch the video below:

TENFOLD Produced by: McCallaman
Co-written by: Casey MQ
Directed by: Patrick Tomasso
Cinematography: Alex Anthony, Andrew Amistad Creative Team: Fran Saraco, Kadeem Ellis, Stephanie Smith