Review: Jaiden 'Pure'

It's been more than a year since Brampton artist Jaiden released his last project, W.A.I.T (Wide Awake In Transition). While the wait for Pure may have been long for his fans the time and consideration that went into this recent project shows. Strong production, features and a clear artistic direction can be found within Pure's 8 tracks. 

Cinema is a clear inspiration for Jaiden as his visual bars and references to classics like Juice, Boy Meets World and Belly are finely woven into Pure. It's clear he doesn't simply jump in the booth and start freestyling, but rather meticulously crafts lines to include metaphors and double entendre's. This section of the previously released single 'Classic' threw me for a loop when I examined the bars more closely. The attention to detail in crafting lines that can be used to describe your favorite pair of shoes or the girl of your dreams is amazing.

girl of my dreams with the ink from my jeans (genes)

we could make a prototype

just as dope as it seems (seams)

from your soul (sole) to your tongue ahh

shoulders and umm i

feel like you’re more than the 1

you are classic

Jaiden produced the project along with Ontario producer's dF and Jay Glavaney who also drops a verse on the last track 'Stay'. Some of the best up and coming artists from Ontario are featured on this project including K. Forest, Ashton, TOBi and friend of the show McCallaman. Hotel which features McCallaman and Ashton is a stand out from the project with its dark production that includes a jazzy saxophone.

With 'Pure' Jaiden has delivered an honest project with layered lyrics and deep production. It's rare in the age of disposable art to get a complex offering like this one.