INTERVIEW: Samantha O'Connor


Toronto’s highly competitive hip hop scene can sometimes feel like a battlefield. But it's on that battlefield where the one woman army named Samantha O’Connor tends to dominate.

The music journalist and editor has has interviewed hundreds of artists like Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, Estelle and Lil Durk. Her mantra of ‘just do the work’ has helped her push past  contemporaries but also made it almost impossible for her to get a good night's rest. With an honest approach to journalism and dedication to the music, Samantha accessed and told the stories of rap’s biggest stars. But it's also that dedication that fuels her drive to put on talent from Toronto's often overlooked ends.

By just doing the work Samo has been able land opportunities both at home and overseas as far as London, where she's currently located as of the release of this interview. But it wasn’t always jet setting across the pond for music fests and interviews with OGs. Before she could hit the FBO with luggage in her hands she had to bus it; back and forth in Rexdale without any support from her immediate family. But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is BanTOR radio’s interview with Samantha O’Connor