At BanTOR Radio we've always placed the utmost importance on the audio art but always loved dope visuals. You can see it in our artist profiles and other older video projects that we've published in the past. We always had a vision for where we wanted to take the platform visually but never had the right equipment/ time/ money to make those ideas a reality. That's why I'm so thrilled we've linked up with Private Isle Productions to produce the first season of BanTOR Radio.

These upcoming episodes will highlight the artists, collectives and movements that are making waves in the GTA. We'll also be taking a unique approach to shooting and editing these episodes. We have been inspired by creative pieces like Sean Leon's LIFE WHEN YOU'RE THE MOVIE, and will be creating episodes that are more audio-visual trip than a traditional doc.

Can't wait to bring you guys more stories and sonic diversity by way of the camera, in addition to the mic. Stay tuned for the first episode dropping at the start of 2018!

Written and produced by Nuruddin Qorane