Sharing is caring in the name of good music - BanTOR Radio is here to take it further.

Ola and Nuruddin are dedicated to finding music from the obscure to the mainstream, throwing in some journalism-driven storytelling in between each track. As a collective, BanTOR Radio is passionate about sharing the sounds of our home city - Toronto. You could be a bedroom producer, an underground indie band or a unique vocalist. Whatever label you choose to define yourself, we are here to share your craft and story through the following mediums:

  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Photography and Photo Essays
  • Documentaries and Interactive Shorts
  • Live Concert Coverage
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Sponsored Content
  • Event Promotion
  • Digital Content Production
  • Publicity & Public Relations

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We begin by spinning a few recently released tracks that have been on heavy rotation in our cranium.
Big names, underground artists and up-and-comers are featured.

Things get a little interesting with our selection of songs that focus on a rotating weekly theme.
From food and foreign languages to neighbourhoods and soundtrack bangers, we delve into what artists are really trying to evoke in chorus and verse.

In this closing segment, we provide thoughtful commentary and critique on new album hype and old classics alike.
The tracks highlighted may be garbage or gold, but there’s a reason why we’ve labeled them as such.
Stick around for a final listen – you might find something you enjoy.

BanTOR Radio’s mission is beyond solely playing music that we enjoy.
It’s about sharing significant works that will inspire you to delve into the details and broaden your sonic spectrum.
Press play and join us for a little bit of banter.